What Is Jacquemus’ Clever Marketing Strategy That Took the Brand From Provence to Global Presence?

BluCactus South Africa - What Is Jacquemus’ Clever Marketing Strategy That Took the Brand From Provence to Global Presence?

What Is Jacquemus’ Clever Marketing Strategy in South Africa? Founded by the French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus in 2009, Jacquemus is renowned for its minimalist luxury, and conceptual design. With its meticulous approach to Parisian fashion and clever luxury marketing, Jacquemus has captivated a global audience, often appealing to fashion enthusiasts who seek to incorporate an understated touch into their capsules. 


The brand’s appeal extends beyond the USA with viral designs, such as the Mini Chiquito and Le Bambino bags, it has successfully managed to steal the hearts of many in South Africa. 


As a continuously-evolving luxury brand, Jacquemus employs an impactful marketing strategy that encompasses several key touchpoints, such as a solid social media presence, memorable runway shows, and a stand-out aesthetic, securing a coveted spot in the fashion realm. 


What Is Jacquemus’ Brand Identity and Aesthetic?


BluCactus - Jacquemus’ Clever Marketing Strategy - fashion runwayBy blending his personal heritage and unique charm, Jacquemus crafts one-of-a-kind designs that evoke a classical imagery of the French countryside coupled with contemporary chic. According to this blend, there are two key points that Jacquemus ensures to hit when designing a collection: 


  • Preserving Provencal Roots: The brand is often associated with an earthy and toasty aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the rustic, sun-drenched landscapes of the French Provence, Mallemort, which is located near Salon-de-provence.
  • Contemporary Minimalism: Jacquemus’ designs are deeply rooted in the simple aesthetic of clean lines, neutral color palettes, oversized, and unconventional silhouettes, embodying the chic and playful spirit of the brand.


Who Is the Target Audience for Jacquemus?


Jacquemus appeals to a millennial and Gen-Z demographic that appreciates the precise fusion of contemporary chic and playful twists. The brand resonates with fashion-forward individuals who prefer approachable yet sophisticated luxury fashion over avant-garde designs. 


What Is Jacquemus’ Product Strategy?


BluCactus - fashion runway models wearing black clothesJacquemus’ product strategy is catapulted with its design approach. Expressing a strong desire to blend French sophistication with contemporary twists, its impressive design lines convey the creative vision and rich heritage of its founder. 


Equally important, its designs are often characterized by an exceptional balance of absolutely iconic statement pieces and no-sweat ready-to-wear artifacts. Besides an exquisite reflection of creativity and versatility in its limited editions and seasonal collections, Jacquemus adds depth to its lines by using surrealism in juxtaposition. Simon Porte Jacquemus states, ‘’I do stories — not clothes,’’ proving that he is no stranger to creative storytelling


Les Sculptures by JACQUEMUS


Making the most of the last few days of January, Jacquemus unfolded its SS 2024 collection, parading down a breathtaking blend of delicate stitches forming cinched waists, blazers featuring bold shoulder pads, double-pleated trousers, animal print, and more, displaying an exquisite array of threads. Leveraging the stunning backdrop of the Maeght Foundation in Paris,  Jacquemus fostered the marriage of nature and surrealism; promoting not only its authentic narrative but also demonstrating its mastery in marketing.




How Does Jacquemus Leverage the Power of Advertising and Collaborations?


BluCactus - Jacquemus’ Clever Marketing Strategy - fashion runwayAdvertising and collaborations are key pillars of any marketing strategy, and Jacquemus is no exception. The brand’s approach to advertising and partnerships not only expands its reach; it helps the brand to shape a unique narrative in expressing its brand identity. To resonate with its target audience and produce impactful campaigns, Jacquemus leverages the power of creative campaigns and selective partnerships. This includes strategic social media tactics, celebrity endorsements, and high-profile collaborations with renowned brands, such as Nike.


  • High-Profile Brand Collaborations: Since 2022, Jacquemus’ innovative touch has been displayed through a collaboration with the highly coveted athletic brand, Nike. According to Harper’s Bazaar, The Nike x JACQUEMUS partnership reinvented Nike sportswear through a minimalistic lens, elevating athletic and everyday staples with a neutral color palette and refined silhouettes. This partnership provided a precise blend of exclusivity and accessibility, allowing the brand to expand its reach.
  • Strategic Social Media Content: Similar to other luxury brands, Jacquemus utilizes platforms like Instagram and TikTok to showcase its collections and collaborations, offer behind-the-scenes content, and feature celebrity endorsements. This allows the brand to effectively engage with consumers and foster a strong community.
  • Celebrity Endorsements: Additionally, Jacquemus leverages celebrities’ extensive reach and significant impact to craft compelling campaigns and promote seasonal or limited edition collections, such as sought-after models Bella and Gigi Hadid, Bad Bunny, and BlackPink member Jennie Ruby Jane.


What Role Does Digital Presence Play in Jacquemus’ Marketing Strategy?


BluCactus - fashion runway models wearing pearl-colored clothesIn the fast-paced fashion world, social media plays a crucial role in shaping brand narrative and connecting with the audience. Jacquemus’ masterful and extensive social media strategy encompasses visual storytelling through engaging videos, editorial campaign posts, and artistic expression.


Furthermore, being active on social media through live streams, stories, and interactive posts allows the brand to communicate with the audience directly, thus building a stronger community around the luxury brand.


This clear-cut approach ensures the brand resonates with its community and remains relevant. 


What Is Jacquemus’ Approach to Sustainability and Ethical Fashion?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Sustainability is increasingly becoming integral to Jacquemus’ brand ethos. The brand keeps environmentally friendly practices as the focal point of collections, incorporating eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, viscose, and recycled fabrics. 


Back in 2019, the brand announced its decision to revert to a co-ed fashion year, and launched its FW 2020-21 collection with merely 10 sustainable fabrics, crafting a timeless capsule that can be worn again and again. While the brand still has a long way to go in terms of keeping waste and carbon emissions to a minimum, taking small steps is still meaningful in the grand scheme of things. However, we look forward to the brand’s efforts in reducing environmental harm.


Jacquemus is a brand that represents a harmonious blend of tradition, modernity, innovation, and culture. Characterized by its narrative-driven campaigns, high-profile collaborations, and unique designs, the brand manages to resonate deeply with its audience. If you’re looking to embody Jacquemus’ success, it is essential to understand how the brand crafts a cohesive brand identity, fosters a loyal community and promotes its products. 


At BluCactus South Africa, we can help your brand craft a marketing strategy that precisely captures the essence of your identity and connects with your target audience. We want to collaborate with you to establish a lasting impact in the luxury fashion industry. Contact us now to connect with our marketing experts. Because at BluCactus, your success is our success. 

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