What is Netflix’s marketing strategy?

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What is Netflix’s marketing strategy in South Africa? Netflix is ​​a streaming platform founded in 1997 in California (United States). Since its inception, it has gone through several transformations. First, it was just an audiovisual content rental platform. Years later, it is one of the most popular streaming companies. This is all thanks to its ability to adapt to the needs of the public and, of course, to advances in technology.


But where does its success come from? Much of its success stems from its Netflix digital marketing strategy. The development of its marketing is very interesting, and we will be talking about it in this post.


What are Netflix’s marketing strategies characterized by?


These have been key factors within the Netflix marketing strategy:




BluCactus - What is Netflix´s marketing strategy?The database has been essential for the company. In fact, through a study of this element, it has been gaining more users quickly. Likewise, the success and popularity of Netflix also have to do with the ongoing research they carry out. All to be aware of the characteristics of the users. Which, in most cases, have a preference for content on different topics.


In general, the database is used to interact with the algorithms. However, it can also be used to find out individual preferences and achieve user loyalty. Indeed, it has also served the company to create effective advertising. Because they already know what the user may like and what not. It is also functional to see the audience classes and create original and consistent content with them.


Social media


When it comes to social media, Netflix has maintained an informal language with its users. In fact, in recent years, it has opted for today’s generation’s loyalty and obtained good results. This is because they know how to attract them through social media.


It is worth noting that Netflix’s interaction on social media is exciting. They use gifs, memes, stories, and other types of content to reach a younger audience.


Therefore, through this marketing tool, they have approached the young audience without losing the loyalty of the adult public.


Not Insist Policy


This is a very particular characteristic of the brand.


Their advertising is not about insisting on a subscription or viewing their content. Instead of this action, Netflix focuses on creating original and controversial advertising to attract without necessarily existing. Without a doubt, the key to this originality lies in creativity.


The best Netflix advertising campaigns stand out for their controversy and creativity, and this list is an example of it:


  • Oh, White Christmas/Narcos.
  • Virtual reality/Stranger Things.
  • Fast food/ Santa Clarita Diet.
  • AdBlock/BlackMirror.

What is Netflix’s content strategy?


BluCactus - What is Netflix´s marketing strategy?For the content strategy to be as the Netflix company wanted it, they have been working by segmentation by country.


Likewise, this strategy has allowed them to create content and then offer it according to the type of public or country in which they are located.


Indeed, the content that one country likes may not be the same as that that another specific country would like.


In this way, through the content strategy, they can choose according to the variables.


How does the Netflix algorithm work?


BluCactus - What is Netflix´s marketing strategy?The performance of the Netflix algorithm is positive, and you must be wondering why. The point is that the company knows its audience very well. And best of all, he knows what to do to keep his audience connected and loyal.


Also interesting is the fact that just as social media have their own algorithm, so does Netflix. You couldn’t expect less from a streaming platform like this. It is one of the reasons why, when creating an account, the platform shows us movies or series related to our tastes or that we consume primarily through its algorithm. That is why we always have the opportunity to watch what we really want.


This platform always knows what we like and don’t like, how long we spend watching a series, and how many times we repeat an episode. This is a crucial point within Netflix’s digital marketing strategy. Likewise, it is a feature that allows us to realize how valuable it is to know our target audience. And this is something everybody can apply to their brand.


How does Netflix email marketing work?


Email marketing works for any brand and in any sector. Thanks to its effectiveness, Netflix also uses this strategy. In fact, it is one of the platform’s most used strategies because its results are rewarding.


The emails sent by Netflix have been well thought out. They are made up of good copy, which makes it not dull content. They also add gifs, images, personalized invitations, and famous phrases from the most recognized actors in the industry. This way, they reach the user when they want to invite them to watch a new movie or series.


If we are talking about the most successful Netflix email marketing campaigns, we cannot fail to mention the premiere of the fifth season of House of Cards. This mail seemed to be sent by the American government itself.


BluCactus - What is Netflix´s marketing strategy?

What are Netflix’s advertising strategies?


The Netflix marketing strategy regarding advertising can be summarized in the following aspects:


  • Get to know your customers, as this is the only way to offer a personalized service.
  • Creation of viral campaigns adapted to the target audience.
  • Innovation and originality through your email marketing campaigns.


What do you like most about Netflix’s marketing strategy?


BluCactus - Contact us - Ken Schreck - +1 469 206 5510This is Netflix’s digital marketing strategy. Any brand can achieve success from this streaming brand. Everything is in knowing how to implement each strategy without neglecting creativity and innovation.


Surely, you have realized that your brand also needs a good marketing strategy, and at BluCactus Africa, we can help you. We have a group of professionals who will be happy to review your project to give the best recommendations. We are used to creating original campaigns focused on your objectives. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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