What is Mary Kay’s marketing strategy?

BluCactus South Africa - What is Mary Kay's marketing strategy?

What is Mary Kay’s marketing strategy in South Africa? Mary Kay is a private American company dedicated to selling cosmetics and was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. Today, in addition to being known in Africa, this brand has a strong presence in Europe and Latin America. Its success is largely due to its good marketing strategy.


In Africa, cosmetics brands can also implement a marketing strategy to differentiate themselves from the competition. In the case of Mary Kay, it has become a multi-level marketing company. For this reason, it ranks fifth among the companies in this segment regarding annual sales.


In this post, we’ll take a look at how the Mary Kay marketing plan works.


Mary Kay Multilevel Marketing


BluCactus - What is Mary Kay's marketing strategy? - Red LipstickThis company knows how to exploit the benefits of each of its products.


They are brought to their clients directly through a distribution method that provides commissions.


And other benefits to those who wish to be intermediaries. This method of direct sales has allowed Mary Kay Multilevel to maintain its network of distributors under an affiliation modality. In fact, this multilevel system has been productive not only for the company but also for the people who are part of this network.


Mary Kay Multi-Level Marketing Distributors


BluCactus - LipstickWomen lead the Mary Kay Company distribution network. In fact, until recently, they were women over 40 who took advantage of their free time to earn extra income.


However, according to data provided by the president of Mary Kay, Tara Eustace, the commercial profile has been going through several changes. Therefore, today you can see young university students between 18 and 25 forming part of the company’s distribution network.


This is because they consider the Mary Kay business to be profitable. The goal of these women is to improve their personal finances while dividing their time between studying and selling Mary Kay products.


Why have young women become interested in the Mary Kay company?


BluCactus - LipstickThe Mary Kay Company is used to offering incentives to its network of distributors. For example, if not selling the cosmetics, it grants a 90% repurchase. Indeed, this company has also focused on a campaign characterized by the following points:


  1. It is based on advertising and organizational support to turn women into entrepreneurs and proactive.
  2. It is distinguished from other companies by multi-level sales methods. It is worth noting that this multilevel system has been banned in many countries. Because many people have joined and do not make any sales.
  3. Mary Kay MLM can be complex. The brand has recognized that it is important to comply with certain conditions for its operation. Therefore, they must stimulate their distributors to be able to reach them.
  4. They are not based on offering false aspirations regarding the size of the distribution network and economic benefits.

What is Mary Kay’s more traditional marketing strategy?


The Mary Kay company is guided by direct sales marketing, and these are some of the characteristics by which it is considered a leading brand:


BluCactus - LipstickContinuity


They continually prepare to compete with traditional companies in this sector. Similarly, they have not ceased to be constant in their production strategy. For this reason, they are an example to be followed by entrepreneurs who believe in this type of business and go against the idea that the multilevel system does not generate profits.




This brand has business initiatives that show that each plan has been designed for immediate effects.




They do not belong to the group of companies that claim to be living in a period of preparation since they are in constant production.


What is Mary Kay’s online marketing?


BluCactus - What is Mary Kay's marketing strategy? - Red LipstickOnline marketing offers many opportunities to companies that operate in different sectors. That´s why Mary Kay hasn´t been left behind and has expanded, including this marketing strategy in its type of sale. It has its own website; all users can access a list of beauty consultants in their area by specifying their location.


However, these beauty consultants are not allowed to set up their websites for marketing the products online. The reason is that an action like this would violate the terms and conditions of the company.


Thanks to online marketing, you can take advantage of network marketing. Which consists of searching for users who are interested in Mary Kay products. They then go through a preparation process to sell the products to their friends or acquaintances. Of course, there is a drawback. In this case, it is competition. However, referrals get a percentage of profit from sales.


Hosting Events as a Mary Kay Marketing Strategy


BluCactus - What is Mary Kay's marketing strategy? - Natural MakeupHosting events are part of the traditional marketing used by Mary Kay.


Consequently, they hold beauty events advertised in local newspapers, radio, stores, or salons.


The idea is to encourage people to attend these events, and as a temptation, they offer a free gift.


In this way, beauty consultants can take advantage of the opportunity to market the products to event attendees.


Did you like Mary Kay’s marketing strategy?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Mary Kay multi-level marketing provides the following benefits:


  • Flexible schedule
  • Bonuses and prizes
  • Repurchase of 90% in case of not selling
  • Commissions of up to 42% on the price


As you have read, all companies use a marketing strategy to achieve their goals. At BluCactus South Africa, we have marketing specialists to help you create the action plan you need for your company based on your objectives and goals. You can contact us right now to talk about your project.


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