What is Cartier’s marketing strategy?

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What is Cartier’s marketing strategy in Africa? Founded in a Parisian neighborhood, Montparnasse, France, in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, Cartier is a luxury brand manufacturing watches, jewelry, and other personalized products.


For decades, the brand has implemented various effective marketing strategies. Consequently, today, the brand uses a marketing mix that consists of the 4Ps: product, price, place, and promotion. Let’s take a closer look at the most critical elements of Cartier’s marketing strategy.


What Is Cartier’s Target Audience?


Since Cartier is a luxury brand, its target audience consists of high-end customers who boast a strong economic status and wealth.


The professionals at Cartier do a few things for the brand to maintain the engagement and loyalty of its target audience. These include:


  • Monitoring social media and keywords so they know what their customers are searching for.
  • Carrying out competitive research to determine what has positioned their audience and how to respond to it.
  • Doing demographic research focused on their internal customer database for more precise targeting.


What Is Cartier’s Marketing Strategy?


In order to fully answer the question, “What is Cartier’s marketing strategy?” we must first take a look at their marketing mix. This marketing mix is essential to Cartier’s marketing strategy for success. Let’s discover below:


Product Strategy


Cartier offers a wide variety of products. However, it boasts a strong domain in manufacturing luxury watches and jewelry, along with custom products specifically tailored for its clientele. 


As a result, Cartier succeeded in differentiating itself from the competition by maintaining a high-end, first-class design. Everything Cartier has for purchase is of the highest quality, including every chain, ring, earring, bracelet, or brooch. 


Ultimately, the brand’s timeless collections and private designs allowed it to preserve its brand image immaculately.



Price Strategy


BluCactus - marketingIt is essential to mention that Cartier targets particular customers as part of their pricing strategy. Their mixed marketing strategy has remained focused on the wealthier class based on quality.


In fact, marketing experts state that Cartier customers remain satisfied with the products, regardless of how high the price is. This is because the brand offers personalized products — and even if they are not personalized, the quality is still undisputed. 


Only quality materials are used to manufacture these products, so the brand itself ensures that its target audience is happy. Likewise, although this target audience is made up of people from high society, Cartier has gift vouchers to give people a price reduction when making their purchases.


Distribution Strategy


We can find Cartier products in various parts of the world. Their distribution strategy involves conducting a market survey to determine which areas are frequently visited by their target audience.


As we have already mentioned, this brand has a high-class audience and is based more on the brand than on the product itself. For this reason, Cartier has had points of sale in stylish locations that are closest to its customers such as Paris, New York and London.


However, the brand has also ensured that its customers can also purchase its products online.


Promotion Strategy


BluCactus - marketingCartier, with its decades long history, has become a renowned brand. Their promotion strategy mainly encompasses marketing for various communication channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and more.


In addition, the brand focuses on endorsing its products through renowned faces such as Lily Collins, BTS V, Elle Fanning, and more, along with powerful campaigns crafted to attract potential customers.


Now, let’s take a look at one of Cartier’s latest campaigns in 2023:


Clash De Cartier Campaign 2023


Starring Lily Collins, Cartier released this campaign to emphasize rhythm and intensity, focusing on Maison’s duality. The collection boasts sculptural pieces with fully integrated clasps.


Take a look at the campaign down below:


It’s also important to note that Cartier boasts numerous physical stores along with an online shopping option. 

Do You Want To Implement Cartier’s Marketing Strategy into Your Brand in South Africa?

BluCactus - Linn Larsson BluCactus - Ken SchrenkCartier’s marketing strategy guarantees its 
audience remains loyal to the brand, maintaining a good position. Like Cartier, if you have a luxury brand, you should have an action plan focused on your goals and segmentation.


At BluCactus South Africa digital marketing agency, we collaborate with marketing experts to craft effective marketing strategies, all tailored to suit your business needs.  Do you want to boost your luxury brand’s position higher on the market?


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