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BluCactus South Africa - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid). Powerful data collection is of the utmost importance for online businesses. To do this, most companies use Google Analytics, a web analytics tool that is easy to configure and use. However, today, there are other alternatives you can also take advantage of to understand the behavior of your website´s visitors.


You can use reliable free or paid analytics software to track the most critical metrics in Africa. Thus, you can extract the most relevant data to know what works and what does not on your website. The idea is that you can consistently drive traffic to your site. And it’s something you won’t be able to do on your own if you don’t know what’s going on in your online business. Therefore, we will present you with 19 alternatives to Google Analytics for your online business to be successful in 2022.


Why should you consider using Google Analytics alternatives?


BluCactus - Person in a cellphoneYou are probably wondering why you should consider using a Google Analytics alternative, so here are a few reasons:


  • Easy to use


Although Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics tool, it can be complex on many occasions.


So as a business owner, you need a tool that you can use to make the most of your time.


Therefore, you can consider ​​using an equal or more powerful tool if it fits your needs.


  • Privacy


BluCactus - CellphoneGoogle takes the data you provide and then uses it in the ads it shows you. Therefore, it increases the chance that you will click on them. We mean that Google can access your browsing history, search history, and more. This is one of the reasons why the use of this tool has been banned in the EU.


So, is it worth sacrificing your privacy to access Google’s free products?


  • Ethics


Google has gained a lot of power in recent years, thus obtaining almost 90% of the search market. Therefore, its influence carries so much weight that its search algorithm can shape the public’s perception worldwide.


How to choose the best Google Analytics alternative?


Before choosing a Google Analytics alternative, you must be clear about what your online business needs. That is why you must consider your priorities and the amount of data you must collect.


BluCactus - Google AnalyticsLook at the following aspects to choose the best Google Analytics alternative:


  • Free or paid: The use of Google Analytics is free, but it provides its services through your data. In this case, there are paid options that you can use because their main focus is privacy.
  • Mobile Device Compatibility: Today, most people use their mobile devices to access the internet. This is why you need to make sure you ensure your analytics software can handle your traffic.
  • GDPR Compliance: All organizations must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This ensures that people understand where their personal data goes after registration.
  • Support: Before choosing an alternative, you should know what support you will receive. If they do provide 24/7 customer support, or if technical support is received over the phone. These are essential details in case something does not go as expected.
  • Security: Most web analytics packages require account login, password, and email. Therefore, you must use a provider that can encrypt your data so that another person with your data cannot freely access it.

What are the Google Analytics alternatives?


Now, in this list, you will find the top 19 of the best Google Analytics alternatives so that you can evaluate your website traffic without complications:


  • Piwik PRO


BluCactus - piwikPiwik Pro is known as the leading security alternative to Google Analytics. It also has a very powerful web analytics solution and an intuitive interface. Which makes it up to date with compliance with US, EU, and Chinese protection laws.


This software works similarly to other Google Analytics alternatives. However, to trust this tool, you can first use its free version for trial purposes. All its monitoring features work in real-time, so stay on top of data segmentation and customizable reports.



  • Offers a free trial
  • Provides a variety of features at no cost
  • It has API interfaces for data tracking
  • Its compatibility is with most browsers
  • Provides detailed information about your website visitors


  • Its lack of accurate reporting data
  • Does not have customizable landing pages
  • Its operation is inefficient with Adwords campaigns
  • Their support differs between Enterprise and Core plans


  • Mix Panel


BluCactus - mixpanelThis is an analytics platform through which the visitor’s journey within the different web applications can be analyzed. In this way, it allows you to capture data related to the interaction of users with your digital product.


With this tool, you can also analyze all product usage data. Thus, you can make the best decisions when creating new products. However, the use of Google Analytics could serve as a complement to making the best decisions related to marketing.



  • Offers over 50 integrations
  • Allows you to connect directly to your data warehouse
  • Offers three payment plans
  • It is easy to configure
  • It has its mobile application
  • Bring data visualization
  • Allows the creation of various reports


  • Your date range is limited for user flow
  • Its lack of templates does not allow the creation of custom reports
  • Your customer service is poor


  • Fathom


BluCactus - fathomThis is a great alternative and is geared towards small businesses. Fathom has adequate privacy and allows analysis without any complications. It is worth noting that Fathom is an independent company that finances itself. So companies obtain information of interest from its website.


Fathom Software collects information that will significantly help us know the traffic to our website. In this way, we can learn how to improve our business. It also lets us know where the traffic comes from and which are the most popular pages of our site. Likewise, campaigns are very functional to know which products have more sales. Best of all, all the information provided is in real-time.



  • It’s easy to use
  • Does not bring cookie banners
  • It has privacy and customer orientation
  • Its script is lightweight, less than 2KB


  • Its lite version does not have PECR compatibility
  • It is a paid service


  • Clicky


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - clickyThis tool is of great help to websites as it helps to monitor, analyze and react to your traffic in real-time. In addition, Clicky does extensive tracking to track any visitor and their individual behavior. It includes excellent features like heatmaps to understand what visitors do when they land on your website.


Thanks to this alternative, you can create custom reports, dashboards, and SDKs that are easy to use. Thus, they can be quickly integrated into your websites or applications.



  • Its goals are dynamic
  • It is optimized for mobile devices
  • Has a free version available
  • Has uptime monitoring


  • Allows limited file export
  • Has occasional speed issues
  • Your reports are available for a limited time


  • Matomo


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - matomoThis is an open-source platform, so it belongs to the free web analytics tools. By using Matomo, you can rest assured that your visitors will not run away from cookie banners. This tool shows you how to avoid a cookie consent popup without breaking the law.


Its reports and analysis are in real-time, and it is often widely used to offer customizable dashboards, export reports in PDF or CSV formats, and segmentation through advanced filters.



  • It has free and paid plans.
  • Your reports are in real-time
  • It is easy to configure
  • Provide full ownership of your data


  • Lacks a user-friendly plugin
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Does not allow data crossing with a secondary dimension through an interface


  • GoSquared


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - gosquaredTheir software is intuitive for businesses wanting to increase their online presence. Its simple but quality interface has combined a series of functions that allow you to improve your content strategy. All to improve the customer experience.


But this is not all since GoSquared Analytics has many tools through which you can measure ROI, track conversations and analyze traffic sources.



  • Its price depends on the features to choose from and the use volume.
  • Allows event and trigger management
  • Your customer service is 100% efficient
  • Its administration is very easy through a single panel
  • New tags can be added without writing codes


  • Has technical limitations
  • Your support is limited
  • Its compatibility is not for all web browsers
  • No ability to add custom codes or labels


  • Oribi


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - oribiThrough Oribi, you can break down your analyzes for a better understanding of the results. It is one of the simplest web analytics tools you can find. Its installation is done only once and is super easy, so you will not have to update constantly.


If you want to improve some specific points in your business, this software allows you to review the audience’s preferences on your website. Knowing your customers’ behavior makes it easier to know if your SEO strategy is correct. Therefore, this tool allows you to understand the changes in the metrics of your website to carry out the corresponding changes



  • It has different payment rates.
  • Its interface is easy to use.
  • It has unique features
  • Its analytics is simplified
  • Bring special features
  • Your updates are in real-time


  • It has difficulty handling call traces.
  • Compared to GA, it is more expensive
  • The price can vary according to the number of visitors tracked per month.
  • Your export and reporting options are limited


  • Chartbeat


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - chartbeatIt is considered one of the best alternatives to Google Analytics due to its ease of use. It works by embedding a small JavaScript snippet on your site. This way, you can send information about the visited pages and how long they have been viewed. Indeed, you can also see the processing of this data through graphs or reports generated by this software.


Likewise, if you want to customize your control panel, Chartbeat will be your best option. One of its best features is that it offers real-time metrics. So you don’t have to wait for the next day to access the metrics of your interest.



  • Offers core and premium packages
  • It is easy to use
  • Send email notifications
  • Its panel is customizable


  • Its customizable events are for a limited number
  • Does not bring API for mobile applications


  • Smartlook


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - smartlookIt is a very convenient analytics platform for apps and websites because it allows tracking visitor activity from any device. Many companies choose to use Google Analytics as it is a free web analytics tool. However, to be aware of the behavior of visitors, it is essential to have a platform like Smartlook.


Its mobile app analytics is considered an innovation because you can analyze a large number of data in seconds.



  • Offers automatic event tracking
  • It has conversion funnels
  • Its heat maps are complete
  • Has light session recordings


  • Its configuration options are limited
  • Has minimal online API support
  • Record playbacks are not clean or maneuverable


  •  StatCounter


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - statcounterStatCounter is specifically designed for small businesses. Its way of tracking visitor statistics is intuitive and individual. So that you can know the visits per day, the page views, the bounce rate, and much more. This information helps you know which parts of your website are most popular.



  • It has a basic plan and a free one.
  • Its Premium plan is one of the cheapest


  • Your reports are in real-time
  • The visitor journey is accurate
  • Its control panel is easy to use
  • Its of easy integration


  •  FullStory


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - fullstoryThis is one of the best online marketing web analytics tools. It is ideal for those companies that want to understand how their customers behave in each communication channel. In this way, they can improve their experience digitally.


Through this platform, marketers can create custom landing pages or emails. Thus, they can target each of their customers based on their interests. In addition, it also offers recommendations to create quality content, infographics, blog posts, and other content that works to promote products or services.



  • Offers a free trial
  • It’s easy to use
  • It has video playback of user sessions


  • it’s expensive
  • Session review is for a limited time


  •  Hotjar


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - hotjarThis tool allows the analysis of heat maps and behavior analysis software to break the scheme of traditional web analysis. This is the most direct way to know what users are doing on your website.


Hotjar web can serve as a plugin for conversion rate optimization and user experience if you use Google Analytics and don’t want to replace it. Thanks to this platform, you can obtain a lot of information to reorganize your website. Or identify if certain elements are distracting or redundant on the site.



  • Its integration with other tools is very easy
  • It has a wide range of heat maps to know the user interaction
  • Your registration is free, so you do not need a credit card
  • Bring a feedback polling feature
  • Allows you to monitor the types of device usage
  • Focuses on user experience by exposing pain points


  • It is missing the filter options for session recording
  • Does not allow downloading of session recordings
  • UI customization is limited


  •  Woopra


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - woopraWoopra and Google Analytics store similar data. Therefore, they both provide various information on visitors, the number of visits, and other information that allows you to make better decisions around your company.


Although this tool has a basic web version, the full experience comes from the desktop client. It also can track visitor activity in real-time. For this reason, you will need to wait for Google Analytics updates to use them together.




  • Data storage is limited
  • Customization options are limited
  • Their pricing plans have a minimum term


  •  Plausible Analytics


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - PlausibleBeing an easy-to-use tool, anyone can use it without prior knowledge. Thanks to Plausible Analytics, you can easily access all website traffic and metrics in a simplified way on the same page.


You can get 100% ownership of your page data through this platform. This helps to take care of your site and maintain the privacy of your visitors. Also, you can improve your web performance without slowing down the site’s loading time. You will no longer have problems improving the performance of visitors.



  • It is easy to integrate
  • It has privacy oriented
  • It is lightweight


  • Its update occurs every 24 hours, so all users who enter your page are considered new.


  •  Amplitude


BluCactus - Top 19 Best Google Analytics Alternatives (Free & Paid) - AmplitudeIf you are looking for an analytical tool, Amplitude is a good option. It helps you gain a better understanding of user behavior through predictive analytics. It also provides web and mobile analytics with data that enables business growth.


Through this tool, companies can be sure of what they can improve to make the customer experience meaningful. To find out which behaviors benefit the conversion of the business, you can perform real-time user analysis and other actions.



  • Their service is free for up to 10 million user actions per month
  • Its configuration is very easy
  • It is helpful for product managers
  • Provides efficient analysis


  • Their paid plans are expensive
  • Maintains a steep learning curve


  •  Adobe Analytics


BluCactus - Adobe AnalyticsThis platform is based on the cloud, allowing marketing professionals to know user behavior. Also, you can analyze the campaigns from multiple devices.


Like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics provides basic functionalities. Although they differ in their advanced capabilities. However, Adobe Analytics offers a real web analytics solution.



  • Allows access to personal data of visitors
  • Data storage is for life
  • Offer customization of your conversion funnel
  • You can track more than 100 goals


  • Does not offer a free version
  • It has a delay of about 2 hours
  • It does not have support for real-time decision making
  • Lacks structured reporting


  •  Lucky Orange


BluCactus - lucky orangeThis toolkit enables conversion rate optimization. In this way, it gives you the facility to know your audience through their behavior patterns. To achieve this, the goal is to do it through A/B testing and content experimentation.


The disadvantage of Google Analytics in terms of its percentage of open data can be remedied by using Lucky Orange. This tool helps you understand what works and what doesn’t to convert visitors into buyers. In the same way, it is an excellent help to improve your conversion rate.



  • User tracking is done in real-time
  • Allows optimization of conversations
  • It has a wide variety of conversion plans
  • Its interface is very easy to use


  • Their price plans have mobile days
  • Store unnecessary recordings


  •  Pendo


BluCactus - pendoPendo is a free service platform; through it, companies can see how their visitors interact. It uses cookies for data storage and then creates its reports based on them. Indeed, these are reports that are beneficial for use in marketing campaigns and for conversion rate analysis.


This platform’s main components are data collection, reporting, and marketing. Therefore, this service is an excellent way to understand how the audience interacts with your website.




  • Its segmentation could have improvements
  • Not a beginner-friendly tool
  • Does not have the customization option


  •  Heap


BluCactus - heapIt is true, Google Analytics is one of the analytical tools for online marketing with advertising spending. However, Heap also helps marketers understand the user journey for better optimization of their conversions.


It offers an automatic capture of the interaction of each one of the users. Likewise, it allows monitoring events through an easy and intuitive interface. By which applications and web pages can be tagged without coding.



  • Its service is free
  • Its installation and configuration are very easy
  • The information provided is real-time regarding the user’s actions.



  • Its integration is limited
  • Basic knowledge of HTML is required
  • Requires a learning curve for setup and user falsification of reports

Do you have any Google Analytics alternatives for your online business?


BluCactus - Contact us - Ken Schreck - +1 469 206 5510We have presented the top 19 of the best alternatives to Google Analytics. You can choose the one that you consider most convenient to collect essential data about your online business. But first, do not forget that you will need:


  • Ensure that your personal data is protected.
  • Choose the option that fits your budget.
  • Consider the types of data you should collect.
  • Analyze the integrations offered by each platform.
  • Check its ease of use to get the most out of your chosen tool.


If you don’t have experience using these alternatives, don’t worry because, at BluCactus South Africa, we can help you. We are marketing specialists, and we will provide you with the necessary advice to ensure that the user experience on your website is always the best. Contact us right now, and we will talk about your company’s needs.


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