What is the Supreme marketing strategy?

Fashion lovers know that the Supreme model works so well that the brand has made its logo a hallmark. It has sold us the idea that it is clothing made for a small target population, and in streetwear fashion, these messages go deep. So much so that the brand has created absurd products that have been sold for very high prices, like a brick, a nail clipper, or a dog bowl. Yet, what is Supreme’s marketing strategy? Stay at BluCactus to find out. Here we go!


How does Supreme’s marketing strategy work?


BluCactus - What is the Supreme marketing strategy - how to sell correctlyLike many other streetwear brands, Supreme has built its reputation on a business model based on hype and scarcity. Its marketing strategy focuses on products that are heralded for release in extremely limited units for millions of fans around the world. How does this strategy work? Thanks to the hype, the Supreme company releases new and limited edition products in two seasons per year. The announcements of these releases are spread quickly on social networks and forums. The launch date stands as the big event, and the consumer is expectant. It translates into several hours in physical stores and thousands of people in front of the computer waiting to make their purchases online.


This marketing strategy uses the power of scarcity as a business strategy. The key is to launch many different products, but very few of each. In this way, the supply stops satisfying the demand. The product is not replenished despite its high sales rate. If you haven’t gotten hold of it, your only option is to assume you’re not part of the exclusive niche that has it. The other option is to enter the resale market.


How Supreme remains among the best Streetwear brands?


BluCactus - What is the Supreme marketing strategy - how to sell correctlySupreme continues to be among the favourites of many fashion lovers thanks to its marketing strategy. What is Supreme’s marketing strategy? As we said before, it focuses on over-promoted products. This strategy represents a significant lucrative plus for the brand. Some garments even see a 1000% increase in price. They know that people will buy the same product. Why? Because a powerful campaign already precedes it on social networks.


Also, influencers and celebrities have come together to dilate the exaggeration. They already have that limited, scarce product, and millions of followers are beginning to want to join in that exclusivity. Supreme has also used collaborations with luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton or Rimowa, to promote that image of exclusivity and authenticity. Additionally, it helps them to become more visible in the market. Everyone knows Supreme, and everyone knows how difficult it is to access. If you like the garments of this brand, you know that.


What is Supreme’s target market?


BluCactus - find these stylistic tastes - how to sell correctlyWhat is the Supreme marketing strategy. As we have already mentioned several times in previous blogs about the marketing strategy of various brands, the target demographic is significant.


Supreme’s target demographic includes a young audience between the ages of 16 and 30, mainly males. Why? Because most of the more limited and special collections that the brand brings out are aimed at men. However, it expands toward the female world.


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Who are Supreme’s competitors?


BluCactus - What is the Supreme marketing strategy - how to sell correctlySupreme is not the only streetwear brand that has managed to create an identity from this marketing strategy. Other brands use the same strategy with similar results.


On one occasion, Adidas released the latest model in the Yeezy Boost collection, the line in collaboration with Kanye West. The so-called Yeezy Boost 350 V2 was the same as the rest of the models in the collection, only in fluorescent yellow. However, the difference was another.


This latest model was the most limited version to date. They closed the collection with a limited number of units in yellow. It is how they communicated it to exhaustion through social networks, especially Instagram. That’s how the hype grows. The result? The next day, in less than thirty seconds, there were no more units. As we can see, this strategy has worked for more than one brand.


What are the consequences of Supreme’s marketing strategy?


Despite the ingeniousness of Supreme’s marketing strategy, consequences are inevitable. The scarcity of the products has led to the growth of a fairly prosperous counterfeit market. Supreme is the most sought-after brand globally among consumers. Frustration at not having access to the product and the inability to afford the resale prices lead the customer to obtain their coveted exclusivity through a counterfeit.


What makes Supreme so successful?


BluCactus - find these stylistic tastes - how to sell correctlyThe secret behind Supreme’s success is its marketing strategy. Supreme is a store and a brand whose origins are linked to underground culture or hip-hop. James Jebbia, its founder, conceived the idea of a store designed just for skaters, where they could find their stylistic tastes. They could also buy any accessories related to skateboarding, and they could easily enter with their boards and even practice inside the store. 


After passing through other brands, he decided to open the first Supreme store in Manhattan. Since then, Supreme has grown steadily to become what it is today, a 1 billion dollar company. We must also highlight that the main innovation in the business model was the collaboration with other brands.


What is Supreme’s marketing strategy? The marketing strategy of this prestigious brand is based on low supply to cause high demand.


Despite the fact that it is a strategy with some consequences, it has benefited the company to the point where it is now one of the most representative brands of urban style. Remember that you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of our updates. See you in the next BluCactus blog!


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