What’s the difference between a newsletter, mailing and email marketing?

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What’s the difference between a newsletter, mailing and email marketing in South Africa? Email marketing campaigns are becoming more common in brands every day due to their benefits for positive business results. However, there are still many doubts regarding what is mailing, email marketing or newsletters.


Besides, to know the differences between these tools, we must first know their meaning. So, if you want to know the differences and the guidelines of each action, you cannot stop reading this post.


What is a newsletter, and what is it for?


BluCactus - What's the difference between a newsletter, mailing and email marketing? - NoteA newsletter or bulletin has become a very powerful tool that we can use to enhance our digital marketing strategies. In other words, we can use the newsletter to show a positive image of our company.


Similarly, thanks to this tool, we can disclose relevant information about our company’s sector with the necessary professionalism.


Among the newsletter ideas for its efficient use, we can mention the following:


  • To send a newsletter, it is important that the user from his consent to subscribe. This way will demonstrate your interest in receiving the information sent by the company.
  • The content that we send through a newsletter must be quality to offer our subscribers value.
  • The publications must be periodic, that is, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Thus, we can create an expectation among subscribers to remind them constantly that our business exists.
  • We cannot forget to include a call to action so that subscribers can be directed to conversion landing pages, doing so naturally.
  • We must always add the option so that the user can unsubscribe whenever he wants. Let us remember that this option consists of permissive and non-invasive communication.


How can we carry out mailing?


BluCactus - What's the difference between a newsletter, mailing and email marketing? - Send a MessageWhat is mail? Mailing is an advertising format, and we can use it when promoting the products or services of a brand. Mailing campaigns have a very clear objective, and that is to sell.


So through this tool, we can massively send discounts, offers and promotions of our brand.


To do this, we don’t use segmentation as such. Instead, we use it as a strategy that focuses on the potential customer’s needs. In the same way, in case of selling or not, we can grow our lists of contacts. In fact, we can even find other users interested in advertising.


Similarly, to create a successful mailing, there are certain established guidelines that we cannot fail to mention:


  • Submitted images must be optimized so that submissions are not delayed. Otherwise, this could harm your email visibility.
  • To send a coherent email, there must be a relationship between the images and the informative content.
  • We must write truly eye-catching content, so we must take care from the title to what we will write.
  • Simple layouts usually work great, too, as long as we can accomplish the goal of persuading the subscriber. Therefore, for sending promotions items, they must be very visual. However, text can be used if we seek to be closer to the reader.


What can we do with email marketing?


BluCactus - What's the difference between a newsletter mailing and email marketing? - LaptopEmail marketing is a tool that helps us communicate digitally through leads and customers. For this, we must make use of sending mass emails directly to a contact base. When we carry out this action, it can be for many reasons, especially if we want to communicate a promotion or present a new product or service.


To take advantage of email marketing advantages, we must take into account the following elements:


  • We must analyze the structure of email marketing emails, considering both the time it is sent and the devices for which the message has been optimized to generate more leads.
  • A very important factor is to segment the entire email list into subcategories that we can adapt to the preferences of our subscribers. This way, we won’t be sending emails to the wrong people.
  • Emails must be personalized, even if we address more than 100 people simultaneously. Why? Because personalized emails have 50% higher open rates.
  • We can automate the sending of emails once we create subcategories. This will make our work easier, and for this, there are many paid or free applications that we can use.
  • Certain email standards must be followed to protect the rights of subscribers. Thus, they will have the right to choose whether they want to receive mail from a certain company or not.
  • To create the perfect email, we must avoid spam filters so that the deliverability rate is not affected. Similarly, when the emails do not reach the spam folder, we can more effectively measure the results of the email marketing strategy.


Difference between a newsletter, a mailing and email marketing


Seeing the differences between mailings, email marketing and newsletters, we can see that each tool can be very effective as long as we use it correctly. Let’s remember that right now, all companies need a communication channel that allows them to maintain constant communication with their customers to retain them and achieve greater visibility.


Although we have already mentioned the meaning and the reasons for the use of each tool, here we leave you a summary of each of them so that there is no confusion when differentiating them:


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  • The newsletter


It’s a form of digital publication where we can often distribute information through email. Similarly, it usually contains interesting articles related to brand issues or its sector.


Also, users who receive an email like this, it is because they have already requested with prior notice to receive such information.


  • The mailing


The format of this tool is more focused on advertising purposes. Therefore, brands often use it to promote their products and services to a massive database.


  • Email marketing


Companies use this tool to contact their target audience via email. In fact, we can say that email marketing goes hand in hand with newsletter and email marketing.


Newsletter and mailing


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  • Which strategy is better?


To decide on a newsletter or sending a mailing, you must first define your objectives as a company. Aside from this, you must also determine your target audience.


Thus, if we intend to retain those users who have some frequent activity with the brand, the use of a newsletter may be convenient for us.


On the other hand, if our objective is more commercial, either because we want to promote discounts or promotions, mailing allows us to create a more competent message.


  • Why do email marketing campaigns?


Through email marketing, we can develop different marketing strategies. Besides, we can also adapt other actions to each user’s phase. In this way, the chances of impacting more effectively are higher by reaching our buyer persona naturally.


Email marketing can add value to the user through precise campaigns and thus improve both the brand’s perception and image. Therefore, it allows us to build a long-term relationship that will give us greater visibility and increase our sales.


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BluCactus - Linn LarssonAfter reviewing the differences between mailing, email marketing and newsletters, we can conclude we must include an email marketing strategy in our company to be more successful in the market.


If you want to join these practices, BluCactus is here for you.


Together, we can develop the best email marketing strategies you can take advantage of for your brand.


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