10 tips and tricks to make a successful business presentation

10 tips and tricks to make a successful business presentation in South Africa. Presentations can be something that terrifies many people. Not everyone feels ready to speak in public as it entails exposing ourselves to them, which isn’t easy. However, with the help of a few tricks from experts and the best speakers, this can be easier.


What is a business presentation for?


In business, you must convey your point of view clearly. In addition to showing that you know about the subject, you’re talking about. These presentations help us deliver ourselves to a possible client, our allies, or a large group of people interested in our company in the most efficient way possible. Thanks to them, it’s easier to approach new clients or companies interested in us.


How can I make a presentation?


There are many ways to make a business presentation. The most important thing is to be as creative as possible. So, to achieve the most significant impact with your presentation, we will give you some fantastic recommendations so you can use them in the future.


Tips for making a successful business presentation


  • Know your material


Blucactus - 10 tips and tricks to make a successful business presentation - Man with questionsThe first step before convincing someone else is to convince yourself. You must be sure of your message, idea, or product. For this, you can study each of the points of your presentation very well before presenting them.


When presenting in front of an audience or potential clients, it’s important to use attractive elements to capture their attention. An example of this is the slides that help with visual effects and guide you through the presentation. This tool is straightforward to use, so you shouldn’t face any problems. Besides, they can facilitate the process of knowing your material thoroughly.


However, remember that this isn’t a support cane. They are only there to guide the customer or audience. Otherwise, you may seem unsure of what to say. It would help if you inspired confidence. If you mention a point on your slide, make a backup copy with statistics you found or quotes that relate to your topic.


  • Establish your credibility early on, Make a successful business presentation.


Blucactus - 10 tips and tricks to make a successful business presentation - Man raising his handThe truth is that many presentations can be tedious. But there is nothing that captures the audience more than hearing the words of an expert on the topic. That is what you must be to the client, an expert. This is the easiest way to become credible from the start.


To do this, you can start your presentation by giving them essential information to believe you and lay the foundations. Another way you can achieve this is by using a short background history related to the topic. You can also share experiences or disclosures of similar information elsewhere.


You must have presence and strength but not arrogance. Use a medium intonation and a slow speed when speaking. Of course, you must be very aware of them not to annoy the audience. Thus, if they understand the topic and what you are saying quickly, you can speed up the speech and process. On the other hand, slow down for them if they are not making much progress yet. That harmonisation and empathy will generate credibility in you and your proposal.


  • Ask rhetorical or reflective questions, Make a successful business presentation.


Blucactus - 10 tips and tricks to make a successful business presentation - Man making a presentationThe most effective way to convey information, besides engaging the public, is to use questions. Or in some cases, they are not questions as such. You can use rhetoric to grab the attention of your listeners quickly. As a result, this will make them reflect as they stick to your words.


An example of this could be at the beginning of the presentation where you can say, “You may wonder why …” Or “When I started looking at this topic, I asked myself …”. Questions are thought-provoking. They don’t allow your audience to disperse while you comment on something.


Make sure you know your audience. Find out what questions are the most likely to be asked. Express those concerns and answer them. It is essential not to take for granted that people know everything you are talking about. Thus, it’s best to keep the presentation as informative as possible without leaving out its entertaining side.


To start


Get the attention and interest of your audience with different language resources. For this, you can follow a line or guide to catching them. As you can see, this isn’t very hard to do. You can start by formulating a problem asking everyone a question or an interesting anecdote.


  • Set goals for your business presentation


Blucactus - 10 tips and tricks to make a successful business presentation - Woman teacherCreate an outline that includes each of the points to make in your presentation. If you don’t plan what to say first, a lot can go wrong.


This scheme will work as support while you build your slides and work on other audiovisual elements.


To start with your speech or presentation, you can go from the most basic to the most complex.


Start with the introduction, then the points you hope will be memorable to your audience. Finally, it’s good that you have an idea of ​​the possible questions they will ask you. You can also add sub-points that you will develop within the main elements. A well-delivered and memorable introduction and conclusion are essential ingredients of a presentation. Don’t overlook them in your scheme.


  • Use support materials, Make a successful business presentation.


Blucactus - 10 tips and tricks to make a successful business presentation - Woman making a presentationThis point can be seen involved in each of the previous tips. However, it’s important to emphasise it as it’s one of the most critical points.


Your presentations must be consistent with you and with your company’s personality. If your brand targets young people and addresses them through a conference, you can get away with a friendlier font and colourful template. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more formal to show analysis or ideas, stay within neutral colours.


Rely on images and graphics instead of text and tables


Images are much easier for people to process than text. That and “a picture is worth a thousand words” has never been more accurate. That’s why, as the expert in front of your audience and clients, you cannot afford inevitable distractions. If a slide has many words in a small size, this can divert the viewer’s attention.


The best way to prevent this from happening is by using images. The longer you combine the information with the graphics, the better. This is known as infographics. Remember not to use too distracting things. Much less try to compress all the information on a single slide. Thus, use the necessary ones but without exaggeration.


  • Make surprising statements, Make a successful business presentation.


Blucactus - 10 tips and tricks to make a successful business presentation - Man with glassesSometimes the best way to draw attention to the information you are presenting is to make surprising statements. If you want to get your audience’s attention, you must say essential details.


To keep everyone focused on your speeches, you must find the best information to attract them all. The lowest energy points in the presentation are standard, but every good speaker knows how to handle and use them as an essential element of the presentation.


There are different ways to engage listeners. Some of them are:


  • Voting or small surveys.


  • Ask them a question.


  • Ask them to share their reactions with the other attendees.


  • Have people stand up momentarily if they agree with a particular statement.


Every speech should have three essential elements: What to sell, to whom, and how you sell it. These ideas should be clearly stated in the presentation. Besides, it’s imperative to identify each goal and how you will achieve them. This way, you will send a clear message to each of your viewers.


  • The 10-20-30 rule


Blucactus - 10 tips and tricks to make a successful business presentation - Man with a group of people Ten slides total


Simply put, the 10-20-30 Rule of PowerPoint is a rule of thumb that explains that presentations should have ten slides. In addition to lasting a maximum of 20 minutes, the text on the slides must be a minimum font size of 30.


Guy Kawasaki is a recognised specialist in new technologies and marketing. He affirms that ten slides are all the mind can handle. Thus, your presentation should score a maximum of 10 points on ten slides.


20-minute presentation


Besides the last point, the presentation must also last a maximum of 20 minutes. So, even if you will have an hour to make your presentation in most cases, other factors must be taken into account. For example, remember that you will have to organise the projector in around forty minutes. Even if the setup is fine, people will be late and have to leave early.


30 points for text size minimum


This expert also assured that the ideal size would be 30 points regardless of the font. If there comes the point where you need a smaller font to accommodate your supporting text, you are probably putting too much detail in them. Use the slides as a common thread and don’t read them.


  • Prepare for some tough questions, Make a successful business presentation.


Blucactus - 10 tips and tricks to make a successful business presentation - QuestionsUsually, what comes after the presentation is a round of questions. At this moment, you must be more confident and prepared than ever. Some questions can be challenging. They can skew your presentation or subvert the primary purpose of it. Because of this, before arriving at the presentation, you must know your audience. This way, you will know what to expect in the round of questions and thus, prepare for them.


Think about each of the possible questions that may arise during your speech. Don’t be afraid to tackle the statements and re-nuance them with accurate and relevant information for viewers. You must also remember that handling the subject is vital, and you must know it better than anyone.


Use figures that you remember, appropriate data that may not be within the presentation but is just as important. This is where you should show off each of your speaking skills and catch them with your knowledge on the subject.


Some of the best speakers use their support materials as an exciting new item. They use or leave out relevant data that was not discussed in depth for the question around. This planned material can give you new ways of working and know who is listening.


  • Have your questions ready in case no one asks one


Blucactus - 10 tips and tricks to make a successful business presentation - CellphoneThere are likely no questions about it after the presentation. However, that doesn’t mean you should put this session aside. Whether your presentation is for a single person or a group of future clients, it would help if you allowed time for questions. If no one wants to share their concerns in this space, you can plan some questions and how to resolve them. A phrase like “They usually ask me what …” or “Maybe they still wonder this …” will help you a lot to start these premeditated concerns.


Of course, these concerns are in the same narrative as the entire message of the initial presentation; it also shows the planned objectives and how to achieve them. Even if there are some questions from the audience, it’s good to save your own for last. This, in some cases, is ideal for closing the presentation.


Although it’s not necessary, the use of slides for the questions already thought of can help you and work as support. Questions are one of the most feared moments for speakers. It’s in here that you must show your confidence and your mastery of the subject. Remember that you are the expert on the subject of this presentation. If you hesitate or change your narrative during questions, that detracts from your presentation. Be honest, speak what you think, and show your expertise.


  •  Close big, Make a successful business presentation.


Blucactus - It makes your life much easier - People claspingThe presentation’s closing should be the same or even better than the beginning of it. People have short memories and may forget everything you said. However, a reasonable conclusion will stand out as an aspect that will allow your words to settle in the audience. This closure is preferably used after the question and answer session. Some use slides to leave a mental note on the viewer and listener. This isn’t necessary, but an attractive visual element can be well received.


End with a powerful and relevant story or tally of figures important to the topic. Some prefer to end with a sentence that encompasses everything discussed throughout the presentation. This, in turn, also allows them to summarise everything discussed. What’s important here is to remind them of each of the objectives and essential points of the presentation.


Make sure the ending is full of enthusiasm and shows that your ideas can succeed. This will ensure that your listeners trust you. And thus, feel satisfied and encouraged.


Extra details to take into account


Blucactus - It makes your life much easier - Happy Woman

  • We live in an era in which audiences have a low attention span. Start your business presentation with enthusiasm to set the tone for the rest of it.


  • You could start with a statistic that wows your audience to sit down and take notes or with a quote that makes them listen instantly.


  • Don’t forget to reassure them when asking questions. A phrase like “I know you are wondering …”, “That fact may seem shocking, but the research supports it because …” among others. This will build trust with the audience.


  • You can also start with an exciting image. An engaging video or a moving personal story. Remember, first impressions are everything.


  • Interact and smile, Make a successful business presentation.


Blucactus - It makes your life much easier - Man with a group of peopleThe audience doesn’t like a person who talks like a machine without stopping. Please personalise the presentation and also entertain them. So, even if not all business presentations can allow for fun and laughter, you can add some kind of charismatic element from time to time. Also, be sure to look into the eyes of your audience members, so they feel you are paying attention to them individually.


Eye contact can reassure your audience that you value their time and are grateful for their presence.


This can also carry home the message that you trust your speech. Trust is the most important thing. Be sure to show that you feel comfortable talking about this topic. The audience can be very rude. Don’t be tormented by it.


Don’t forget to smile at the audience members when you look into their eyes.


If you’re nervous, spot five or six friendly faces in the crowd and stick with them.


  • Add some business humour, Make a successful business presentation.


Blucactus - It makes your life much easier - YoutubeThere is nothing more relaxing during long presentations than a speaker that can make you laugh.


If you keep speaking in a severe tone, it will seem like you won’t stop talking. This can be tedious for all listeners.


A friendly, conversational style and light banter can ensure that you retain your audience’s attention.


But remember, this is a business presentation. Please don’t overdo it with comedy, or your audience won’t take you or your presentation seriously.


We recommend using humour only if you are suitable by nature. If not, don’t force it.


  • Free PowerPoint Templates, Make a successful business presentation.


Blucactus - It makes your life much easier - LaptopA PowerPoint template is a pre-design of one or more slides to display content according to established guidelines regarding font, colours, graphic resources, and other elements.


One of the advantages of PowerPoint templates is that you save time. This will mean that you will save at least 70% of your texts’ design time and layout. We can’t spend hours making presentations in a world where time is money.


Another advantage is the flexibility they offer. Some of them have a pre-designed base, but you can 100% customise it. This means that you can modify the typography or letter fonts, colours, distribution of elements, etc. However, you can also choose to use the same typography as the editable one, just like each of its designs. This will be an extra point since it makes your life much easier.


The best thing about PowerPoint templates is that they offer a professional finish. This is because they are usually created by professionals dedicated to ​​graphic design. Thus, this will help you significantly increase the professional image of your PowerPoint work.


One of the best aspects that these templates offer you is the economic accessibility in the market. It doesn’t matter what you want to do. You will find different prices in the market and access excellent resources with just a few clicks. Some of the templates are free. Others, on the contrary, are paid. But don’t be afraid to ask and keep looking.


BluCactus develops the best PowerPoint templates for your business and industrial sector. Also, if necessary, we can create one especially for you. Editable presentations from our digital marketing agency will make your life easier and save many work hours.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world. Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Besides, our group of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you with every step that your brand takes. This goes from creating the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with developing your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency in Cape Town, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Please don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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