Do you need a lookbook for your fashion website?

Do you need a lookbook for your fashion website? Owning a fashion brand can be challenging for some and easy for others. However, it’s still a rewarding task to carry out, no matter the case. If you want to build an entire fashion brand, you need to have certain materials.


For example, many use fashion lookbooks to showcase their fashion products on their website, but do you really need one? Today, we’ll help you answer this question and how it’s made up.


What is a fashion lookbook?


BluCactus - Lookbook for your fashion website - Delicious foodWhen we talk about a fashion lookbook, we refer to many fashion designers’ materials to showcase their new fashion collections.


This can be in a digital and physical format where these artists place photographs of their garments on simple backgrounds.


Their main goal with this is to highlight the piece itself.


Also, in some cases, it is an excellent place to promote the work of those who wear the clothes. Many even use this material as a formula to introduce themselves to new clients, agencies, and other representatives of the medium.


The difference between this material and lookbooks is that this is called a Photo Book, nothing else.


  • Lookbook vs Catalog


BluCactus - Lookbook for your fashion website - Expensive cameraIt’s very easy for the fashion industry to confuse or misuse these terms. That’s why we’ll explain the difference between a fashion lookbook and a catalogue.


Both words tend to be used synonymously in this industry, but they are nothing alike. While a lookbook uses simple backgrounds to make the garments stand out, a catalogue is more captivating.


A catalogue is a folder of a collection or brand’s garments with a fun background and an attractive aesthetic. This is done this way because its goal is to sell and attract new customers.


However, the latter does not always have to be through photographs. Companies began to be more creative with how they display their products to the public.


Some use animated videos or mini-documentaries to show all that the brand can offer.


Should you get a fashion lookbook?


BluCactus - Lookbook for your fashion website - Professional makeup We would like to say no, but the truth says otherwise. In fact, the best thing for your business would be to get one.


This way, you’ll be able to showcase your clothes in the best way possible. Besides, this allows your clients to easily see how your clothes would look on them. As a result, they won’t need to ask you.


Some brands don’t know how to create their first fashion lookbook for their business. However, if this is you, all you have to do is ask experts for advice. Then, you must start thinking about the image you want to portray.


In this sense, your goal should be to offer your clients a formal presentation of your brand’s main aspects. For example, its message, value, and what you want to offer them.


If you are starting and do not have a large budget, here are some of the most important things to consider for your first digital lookbook:

BluCactus - The most competitive sectors in the market - Professional model

  • Photographer:


Try to find a photographer who really fits your style and best captures your brand message.


  • Models: Lookbook for your fashion website.


Same as the previous point. Not all models work for all brands. Look for those that best fit the company’s style. Another important factor is that you should not use volunteers. Work with professional models.


They will be the image of all your fool.


BluCactus - The most competitive sectors in the market - Professional camera

  • Makeup and hairdressing:


If your business is starting and you do not have a big budget, you can find the same person to take care of these jobs.


  • Stylist: Lookbook for your fashion website.


If you are the designer, you can also be the stylist yourself.


  • Photo studio: Lookbook for your fashion website.


This doesn’t have to be expensive as many photographers have their own spaces to take the photographs. Otherwise, you must rent a large studio with a lot of space, good lighting, and perfect for models and pieces.


BluCactus - The most competitive sectors in the market - Woman thinking

  • Catering: Lookbook for your fashion website.


Even if this isn’t a mandatory factor during photo shoots, you can’t expect models to not feel hungry or thirsty when working for long hours.


So, try to find light foods to avoid making them feel tired after eating. Include at least two snacks if possible.


For example, water, juices, and even a little dessert.


Although these elements may vary in price depending on the requirements you have as a brand, you must keep in mind that this project will have great benefits for your brand and will be a great investment for your business in the future.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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This online marketing agency, based in Cape Town, South Africa, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to get the help of the best specialists in digital marketing. Contact us now through our social media or website!


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