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How to increase the open rate of your Promotional Email in South Africa? There used to be a time when people solely relied on word-of-mouth publicity and other forms of advertisements and hoardings for purchasing products and services. Fast forward to the digital era of the 21st century and things have changed for the better. The masses that flock to the internet rely on the world wide web for information and prefer to be wooed personally in order to purchase your products/services.


The past few years have seen marketers and brands relying more on the form of email marketing. Email marketing, when done in the right manner, can prove to be the most effective. The idea is not simply sending out dozens of emails to customers, but to make sure that your email content is so impactful that people bother opening it before simply discarding it as trash. 


In the end, all that matters is how many people actually take the time to go to your email to increase the percentage of email opening rate.


Let’s look at some of the most beneficial and effective ways that can increase the open rate of your promotional emails.  


BluCactus - Increase the open rate of your Promotional Email in South Africa - Email in a KeyboardWhen brands first start fresh, there are a number of customers who would want to opt for your promotional emails because of the newness factor. However, most brands fail to keep their email list fresh and relevant. Many subscribers who subscribe to get your promotional emails may lose interest and opt out of it sooner than later


How fresh and current is your email marketing list, and how many subscribers actually want to hear from you, is the real question. Make sure that you keep your promotional email list with only those details from subscribers who are still interested in your brand. One relevant way of doing this is removing the subscribers who have been inactive for a long time. Try your best to send them one last email that motivates them to come back to your brand. If they do, that means they are still interested in you, if not, some other brand purged them. 


There are a number of email marketers who feel that sending out emails to a collection of addresses does the job. However, this is definitely not true. As an email marketer, it is very important for you to segment your email addresses based on what is relevant to your readers/subscribers. It is important to know all your subscribers based on their behaviour and keep in mind what sort of emails garner their attention. 


Based on the findings, you can then send specific emails that get the most attention from the segmented subscribers in your list. Once you have your segmentation done right, you will automatically get rewarded with a high opening rate for your promotional emails. 


One thing about technology is that it has made the customers really smart. Most email channels come inbuilt with spam filters and these spam filters block out even some of the best promotional emails.


The way to prevent your promotional emails from reaching the spam folder is by ensuring a few things: Increase the open rate of your Promotional Email.


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  • Make sure that all the people you are sending the email to have actually subscribed to your emails. 
  • Always send promotional emails from IP addresses that are good and authentic. 
  • Promotional emails have to promote but also avoid using a very sales-type language. Too many terms like “sales” “buy now” used excessively automatically activates the spam trigger. 
  • Avoid using subject lines that are fake or dubious in nature. 


The key for any form of marketing is to put yourself in the customer’s place and figure out what interests them the most.


While working on the content of promotional emails, and especially their subject line, it is very important that you keep it quirky, attractive, and very appealing. More than half the subscribers won’t bother getting to your email if the subject line is repetitive or boring. 


Your subject line should be such that it intrigues their curiosity and almost compels them to open the email to find out more about it. Rather than using a very sales-y subject line, try using some form of humour or joke and keep the subject line conversational. The thing about promotional emails is that even though they are promotional, they need to strike a balance and be personal too. 


Imagine being in a group where you are addressed just as a group of people and are given no personal attention at all! This is exactly what it feels like to be a subscriber from a list of people. When you send promotional emails, make sure that you address them personally and not make them feel like a nobody. The more you are able to personalize your emails, the better your success rate will be in terms of the opening rate. 


Part of making your promotional emails personal is by keeping the content more friendly and communicative.


BluCactus - Highlight the promotional aspect of your emails - MessageIt is important to highlight the promotional aspect of your emails, however, it needs to be done in a very friendly way.


The moment your content looks very professional or formal, the essence will be lost and most people won’t give a second thought about reading it.


Even though the mediums and platforms of marketing have changed, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that good content will always win the game. If you feel that working on a good subject line is the only content that matters, think again. 


For someone who opens your email and has an interest in reading it, the main content is equally important. If the main content of your promotional email is not exciting enough, chances are that the next time, no matter how attractive your subject line is, the customer will not bother opening your email. 


It is important to keep the interest of your readers alive by delivering quality content each time: Increase the open rate of your Promotional Email.


BluCactus - Make the content of your email interesting - Hands with a messageDon’t send out bulk promotional emails just as a tick mark activity because if you do it just for the sake of doing it, the results will definitely not show. It is a proven fact that the more you take time to make the content of your email interesting and meaningful, the higher the open rate of your emails will be. 


As the one writing the content of these promotional emails, if you are not excited or humored by it, then why will the others be compelled to read it? Always understand that if it doesn’t compel you, it is highly unlikely to compel your readers. 


When composing the content of your promotional emails make sure that you keep the content lively by using humor, wit, and quirkiness. Maintaining a tone that is very formal and robotic won’t appeal to the emotional quotient of the subscribers. What appeals to them is when they can connect with the content in a way that normal conversations do. 


When using humor and wit it is important to use them very intelligently so that it doesn’t offend your readers in any way. This is the main reason why it is critical to understand that there is a very fine line between making the content of your promotional emails funny but not offensive. 


Last but not least, you need to ensure that you make all your promotional emails mobile-friendly so that people can view them with ease even on their smartphones. Keep the formatting simple and always insert a CTA button so that they can be directed to your page. 


There is no denying that the strategy of email marketing, though old, is still very effective.


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkWhat matters is how you go about planning your email marketing campaigns.


You can also take the help of copywriting services to implement these strategies.


Keeping in mind all the above-highlightedVardhan Tricks of the Trade can help you increase the open rate of every promotional email that you send out.


Now, if you don’t how or need some help, we’re here for you! BluCactus is an International Marketing Agency based in Cape Town, South Africa ready to help you in whatever you need. With our talented email marketing team, you’ll be able to boost your business to the roof! What are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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