How to Present a Marketing Plan in PowerPoint?

BluCactus South Africa - How to Present a Marketing Plan in PowerPoint?

How to present a marketing plan in PowerPoint? Right now, presenting a marketing plan in PowerPoint is more critical than you can imagine. In fact, it’s a must for your company if you want to share your vision more widely. Also, you don’t need to be a design expert to make a PPT presentation nowadays. All thanks to the professional templates that you can find online.


However, it is important to customize each slide to create a fantastic presentation. A marketing plan requires a wide variety of visual elements. Such as graphics, images, and other elements that help get out of the ordinary. In this post, we will explain how to present a marketing plan in PowerPoint without complex concepts to capture the audience’s attention.


How to design a good marketing PPT presentation?


Among the steps to follow for the design of a marketing plan in PPT are the following:


BluCactus - People in a meetingIntroduction


The intro slide should be amazing and simple at the same time. Therefore, you should start by customizing it with some text or an image. Since you´ll be starting your presentation, it´s the appropriate time to present the team and the slogan of your marketing plan.


Outlining your slogan at the beginning allows you to set the stage for your presentation. Likewise, having a message in context allows the audience to get involved from the start. And understand everything you want to express through the audiovisual elements.


To place the text of your choice, you just have to click on the text already on the slide to select it and write something in your own words. The font size and style can be adjusted according to your preferences in the PPT bar.


But this is not all. Thanks to the placeholders we can find in the templates, we can create a presentation marketing plan more efficiently. Just click on the gray box. Then, you must navigate to the image of your choice and click to insert it. At once, the program will place it on the slide, fully scaled and ready to display.


Charts and Graphs Slide


For the presentation of numerical data, graphs are the best element present. The good news is that PowerPoint editing takes little time. Chart slides typically include a column chart that is pre-built with data inserted.


You can customize the graphs with your numerical data in a natural way. To achieve this, you must right-click on any of the bars and select the data editing option. PowerPoint will automatically launch an Excel spreadsheet that is located within the application. Right in this spreadsheet, you can start writing the corresponding data. In effect, the graph will change its size according to your changes.


Device Mockups


BluCactus - People in a meeting

The device mockup allows you to display your app or website on real devices. You can find phones, smart watches, computers, and more mockups.


As you may have noticed, a mockup slide will be centered on a smartphone. Therefore, the protagonist will be the mockup. And to accompany it, you can add text placeholders and information about the website or the application.


As you can see, mockups are functional for marketing PPT digital products or advertisements. In short, they are a fundamental piece of your marketing plan presentation.


If you are interested in customizing a mockup slide, you must first take a screenshot to a physical device. Then you need to transfer it to your computer and add it to the mockup. Similarly, you can click on the image placeholder within the phone screen. Finally, you must find your screenshot and click on the insert option.


This way, PowerPoint will import the image and automatically scale it to fit inside the mockup. After completing these steps, it will be easier to make the placeholder changes to create an effective marketing plan in PPT features.


How to Create a Successful PowerPoint Marketing Plan?


To design a marketing plan in PowerPoint, you need brilliant ideas to achieve your goals. These ideas must be transferred to each slide to tell a visual and credible story.


Here are some tips for creating a 100% successful PPT marketing plan:


BluCactus - How to present a marketing plan in PowerPoint?Focus on your marketing message


Your marketing topic can be simplified in a PPT presentation. You cannot forget that the main objective is to capture the audience’s attention. So, you must consider how the topic can impact them. Therefore, ask yourself what points can catch their attention and add them to the slides.


Following this, you should also add the most critical points of your marketing campaign. For example, if this presentation is sent by email, the message can be in the form of a question. Since it is a good way for the audience to get hooked on your presentation. Ultimately, the clearer your message is, the more powerful it can be interacted with.


Correct Presentation Slides


Before making a presentation slide, you should know that there are several types of them. Timelines, roadmaps, market strategies, and a sample of your team or products, among others. Which one suits you? It will depend on the slides you need to design a PowerPoint digital marketing plan.


For the presentation, you need to use suitable slide layouts. You should also add quality graphics and images to showcase your ideas in style. Finally, there is the possibility that you need a photo to blur the background or for another purpose. For this, many royalty-free photos can help you.


BluCactus - How to present a marketing plan in PowerPoint?

Evidence for the approval of each point


The information you transmit to your audience must be made up of real data. You can conduct your own research or take case studies to collect it. Assumptions will never have a place to address your audience, which is a point you should not forget.


Logic is essential to your presentation, but it is not everything. You also need to show key data in your infographics so that what is exposed is more credible. In fact, as supporting material, you can look for marketing PowerPoint templates that contain lots of infographics. Thus, you can add data that your audience will understand more clearly.


Format Type


How will you use the presentation you are creating? This question needs to be answered before you start making your PowerPoint slide design. Why? Because the format of your presentation may differ if it is a live presentation or digital distribution.


If you are thinking of a live presentation, the slides should be a backup of what you will talk about. In the same way, the images will serve as a complement to highlight the points you will discuss. For a presentation in this format, the photos must be impressive, and the text must appear punctually and in bold.


If your presentation is for digital or online distribution, it is recommended that you communicate a point on each slide in the best style of a PDF document. Presentations in this format are specifically for sending to your team or the audience via email.


BluCactus - How to present a marketing plan in PowerPoint?Clear and precise conclusions


The most valuable presentations are valuable because they tell a story that serves as a guide to problem-solving. Therefore, they provide clear examples and information that the audience can use.


Likewise, we recommend you use conclusions in each presentation section. The objective is that your audience wants to take note of your conclusions to put their ideas into practice.


There are key points that the audience can remember in a narrative. Such as connecting with shared desires and solutions throughout the story.


How to choose a marketing PowerPoint template?


The presentation for a marketing plan PPT needs a good design. Therefore, to showcase your marketing strategy professionally, pay attention to the 2022 design trends:


BluCactus - How to present a marketing plan in PowerPoint?Bright colors


Bright colors for marketing strategy presentations are in fashion. You can choose many colors to create more fun and original presentation. However, using black and white text on top of brightly colored templates is okay to make them stand out.


Color gradient


Color gradient refers to when one color slowly transitions into another color. This trend can be used for any purpose, including a marketing plan. Likewise, the color gradient can be used on the part of the slide or the entire background. Compared to single-color slides, they look more attractive.


BluCactus - How to present a marketing plan in PowerPoint?Infographics


Infographics have become the best way to present numbers or texts more creatively. Through them, you can make less use of the texts to create a more attractive presentation in the eyes of the audience.


Image Masking


This term is used when only part of the image can be seen in its entirety. The good news is that you can download many marketing templates that bring this effect from the web. So, you must grab an image and drag and drop it into the placeholder.


Abstract Design


An abstract design for a free marketing plan PPT template is also a good choice. In fact, through this design, we can create unique presentations to have the audience’s full attention.


Are you ready to present a marketing plan in PPT?


BluCactus - Contact us - Ken Schreck - +1 469 206 5510Although PowerPoint can be a bit awkward when you first start using it. But you can create great presentations once you know its features. Also, you can use many templates for the PowerPoint marketing plan to be presented live or sent via email.


A marketing plan can be presented in many ways. Everything will depend on the objectives. Whether you want to engage your investors or present new marketing strategies to your company team, you must choose the right presentation templates.


At BluCactus South Africa, we can help you with the PPT marketing plan that your company needs. We have professionals in design and content creation to create quality presentations. Contact us right now, and we will give you the advice you deserve.


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