How to get invited to a Fashion Show in Latin America?

How to get invited to a Fashion Show in Latin America? When you read or hear the phrase: Fashion Week, your mind immediately thinks of Europe and the United States. And well, indeed, it is logical and normal for you to feel like this. The cities corresponding to these places are the ones that stand out the most in this type of event. In addition to the fact that the publicity it has received for years is consistent.


But we tell you that Mexico and many other Latin American countries have their fashion week. Where, as in different latitudes, the best of design is there. And it is an opportunity to meet new designers, their proposals, and their work.


But let’s not leave aside the aspect of marketing that we must put in place to carry out these shows, which plays an important role. Thanks to this, an event can have more or less an influx of people when not all the seats are intended for the general public.


If you are interested in the fashion world and want to know how to attend a fashion show or fashion week, then keep reading. Because we will tell you about it here, but first, let’s get to know the basics of this fascinating world.


What is a Fashion Week?


BluCactus - How to get invited to a Fashion Show in Latin America - Young womanFashion week includes a space in which, for a week, it can be more or less than seven days; local and international designers will present their fashion collections created for the season in which the show is taking place.


In it, the trends in terms of design, colours, textures, materials, accessories, makeup, and shoes, among others, that will dominate the streets in the coming months of the year will be shown.


These confections will span six months in advance. They will showcase them in front of buyers from department stores and boutiques, as well as celebrities, directors, and editors-in-chief of outlets such as fashion magazines and others related to the industry.


And now, the presence of social media influencers and bloggers is also included.


Fashion Week in Latin America


Fashion Weeks were born in Latin America in 1995, when the Brazilian designer and producer, Paulo Borges, had the initiative to create it in São Paulo. Thus this fantastic side of the continent with its first renowned fashion event.


In Mexico, the first fashion week was celebrated in 1998. When following in the footsteps of Brazil, they decided to start this activity to expose their talents. And, progressively, other Fashion Weeks within the Latin American continent appeared.


Current situation of Fashion Show in Latin America and their diffusion problem.

BluCactus - How to get invited to a Fashion Show in Latin America - Young womanEven though fashion, and the events that revolve and are celebrated around it, have taken a significant rise in recent years, and nowadays this topic is given relevance. We often see how more people work in fashion. But the Fashion Weeks in Latin America need more visibility and promotion to reach the levels of the European continent or North America.


Fashion weeks are essential as platforms and media represent a golden opportunity for emerging designers. They are synonymous with exposure and growth within the industry and the market.


However, there are growing projects in Latin America dedicated to fashion. Not only for its dissemination but also to expose the talent and creativity within the Central and South American continent, where the directors of every week meet to grow and expand the fashion panorama.


These media also work to create different events, courses, and contests. And thus encourage designers to continue learning and growing within the industry.

Where is Fashion Weeks held in Latin America?


We already mentioned that the first fashion week in Latin America was held in São Paulo, in 1995, to later be held in Mexico through the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico City in 1998. Puerto Rico joined the following year in 1999.


Other countries that joined the realization of these events have been:


  • Colombia, How to get invited to a Fashion Show in Latin America.


It has two critical events in fashion: Bogotá Fashion Week, an exhibition platform that is carried out to promote established and emerging designers to strengthen the country’s fashion industry, and participating brands to expand their market.


And Colombia Moda, which has been held in Medellin since 1990. This means one of the most important events in Latin America, focusing more on the fashion business since conferences, parades, workshops, and spaces for emerging designers are created.


  • Argentina.


Held in Buenos Aires annually and for more than 20 years, we can see Haute Couture, sustainable fashion, and emerging talents.


  • Panama, How to get invited to a Fashion Show in Latin America.


BluCactus - How to get invited to a Fashion Show in Latin America - Young womanIt is a country that also welcomed its Fashion Week, which has been growing year after year, to be a benchmark in fashion through its designers.


Other essential fashion weeks in Latin America are Honduras Fashion Week, Peru Fashion, Guatemala Fashion Week, Costa Rica Fashion Week, MoWeek (Monte Video Fashion Week), Lima, Santiago de Chile, Bolivia Fashion Week, or Guayaquil Fashion Week, where highly talented fashion designers and creatives meet.


In each Fashion Week, the designers show their proposals regardless of the country where it is held.


Many of the garments are made by artisans in raw materials such as cotton, alpaca, and vicuña wool, being countries like Peru as precursors of this type of clothing.


What to do to attend a Fashion Week?


BluCactus - entrepreneurs in this area have emerged - Young womanAttending a Fashion Week will depend on which one it is and the country where it is held.


In the case of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico City, one of the most important and symbolic in the region, attendance is exclusively through an invitation from the designers or sponsors of the event.


However, there are parades such as the LIF Week (Peru) or the San José Fashion Week (Costa Rica), which you can go through the payment of a ticket available for the general public, but there are other ways to attend:





BluCactus - entrepreneurs in this area have emerged - Young woman

  • Through an invitation made by a designer, How to get invited to a Fashion Show in Latin America.


Suppose you work with fashion brands and media or are a blogger or fashion content creator. In that case, it is possible to receive an invitation directly from a designer and thus get to know their collection first-hand.


  • It is directly contacting a brand or its PR coordinator.


As in the previous case, those who live in the fashion world, but are oriented to marketing, can also stop waiting for an invitation. Take the initiative to contact a specific brand and thus ally, perhaps getting a pass to the event.



  • Buying a ticket, How to get invited to a Fashion Show in Latin America.


As we mentioned, many Fashion Weeks open their doors to the general public by selling tickets, which you can access. Some of the events with this option are Colombiamoda, Panama fashion week, etc.


BluCactus - Ken Schrenk


  • I am doing volunteer work or being a brand intern.


Whatever the case, it is also an opportunity. In addition to experience, there is also learning.


Fashion in Latin America has had enormous growth. And more and more designers and entrepreneurs in this area have emerged to give us the best of their creativity.


However, more significant efforts are required in publicising these events and marketing to capture more interested people. Thus the Fashion Weeks on this side of the continent reach the same level as Europe and the United States.


If your company or fashion brand needs a boost to gain recognition, do not hesitate to contact us. And our team will apply the best marketing strategies and give it the necessary turn of success.


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