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Top email marketing statistics for the world in 2022 in South Africa. Email marketing statistics are the best support for demonstrating the effectiveness and validity of such promotional tools.


This article was written following various information sources on the subject. They intend to demonstrate the influence of this communicative agent in previous years. Likewise, in quantitatively describing how the global public relates to each of the strategies used by email marketing. At least a total of four large international companies are cited for carrying out such studies. These include the companies of Statista, Nielse, Hubspot, and Campaign Monitor.


Statistically, each of them has a database made up of a population of more than 22,500 certified users. The latter occupies a referential source that exceeds 80,000 topics on the web. Using this critical opening field, it is possible to offer the reader a market tracking that involves trends, types of consumption, and user behavior modules before the email promotion. All of them demonstrate the importance of developing well-known intelligent marketing strategies. Therefore, the following are the most outstanding email marketing statistics for the global market in 2022.


 General aspects that define email marketing in the 2022 market:


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  • As of 2016, more than 4.3 million Gmail accounts are opened per year.
  • In 2020, the population of registered users via email was 3.9 billion. That figure is predicted to increase to 4.48 million by 2024.
  • 68% of the digital public show a preference to open an email depending on the type of sender.
  • In 2023, email marketing statistics predict a traffic boom equivalent to 347 million daily emails.
  • The opening of emails via mobile reached its peak in 2018 with 43% of the global market.
  • The use of email via desktop computers registered an 18% decrease in that same period. This is equivalent to 39% of the digital market.
  • By 2019, the rejection rate for spam increased to 49% of users.
  • At a business level, email marketing statistics record consumption of 13 hours per day for each employee.
  • In marketing B2, B conversion rate always increases if a minimum of two emails are sent per month.
  • The generation of content for B2B businesses reaches 68% in terms of the use of email marketing.


Email marketing statistics through process automation:


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  • The United States market today has a 56% business park with assisted email marketing services. It is predicted that at least 75% of such a sector will develop process automation in the next decade.
  • Automated campaigns have an email opening rate equivalent to 70.5%. With an average of clicks calculated at 152% higher than non-automated campaigns.
  • Automated email marketing for all businesses represents a 133% chance of completing the actual sales cycle.
  • By 2021, email marketing statistics place automation in email marketing at 51% of companies globally.
  • In 2021, 63% of companies that developed marketing automation strategies significantly outperformed their competitors in their market niche.
  • The use of chatbots within automation campaigns is close to 40%. It also reduces 30% customer service costs.
  • The use of automation software can reduce marketing investment expenses by 12.2% and increase sales flow rate by 10%.
  • Process automation saves 6 hours per week in the preparation and management of content for the social networks of any company.


Email marketing statistics within the field of mobile devices:


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  • Gmail currently has 900 million users globally. Of this total, it is estimated that 75% use mobile mail.
  • 23% of mobile device users read their email several times frequently.
  • Email marketing statistics by email exceeded 50% of the global population of mobile users by 2018.
  • 40% of the total population under 18 open their emails using some type of mobile device.
  • By 2020, the population of users accessing email using iPhones was 29.7%. The use of mobile Gmail thus reaches 27%.
  • Of the entire branch of mobile devices, smartphones stand out above all of them. It has an acceptance of 81%.
  • The use of tablets for email marketing occupies a maximum statistic of 21% of users.
  • There is a 65% chance that every user who reads an email via mobile and then on a desktop computer will click on the content.
  • Among the most efficient types of mobile mail are special offers and bonuses. Each of them reaches 27% and 21% of the visibility, respectively.


The Return on Investment (ROI): How is it measured, and what percentage of the market does it currently occupy?


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  • In 2021, more than 75% of the return on investment was produced using intelligent campaigns. Surpassing the one obtained by campaigns without segmentation.
  • Email marketing statistics place an average ROI equivalent to 3,800% for this medium.
  • 77% of the return of investment comes from segmented campaigns that include smart action modules and automation.
  • Only 60% of marketing companies use conversion rates to assess the effectiveness of an email campaign.
  • For B2B marketing, at least 57% of the business market uses response and value metrics.
  • On a global level, email marketing statistics assign ROI an effectiveness rate of 75% for this medium. With this, mail advertising is more effective than SEO and paid advertising. Both with 73 and 67% respectively.
  • For 2019, the capital investment in email marketing was 13%, impacting the sales margin equivalent to 19%.
  • The email marketing open rate has been growing in recent years. The rising value of 98.2% shows this from the end of 2019 as of 17.2, 2015.


Campaign personalization and its main characteristics according to statistics:


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  • The percentage of clicks is the value that acquires the greatest significance with the personalization of campaigns. It includes a measure calculated at 14%, with an average conversion rate equivalent to 10%.
  • More than 74% of entrepreneurs say that personalization aimed at segmented audiences can increase the number of customers.
  • Email marketing statistics show that only 39% of current business owners consider purchasing behavior for sending personalized recommendations.
  • The customization of elements such as subjects, titles, and advertising tufts can increase conversion by 26%.
  • 76% of the global public express a preference for personalized mail. 76% express rejection or animosity towards standard content.
  • Brands that use personalized email can generate 40% more sales and revenue than those that do not use such a medium.
  • Currently, the use of dynamic content in personalizedexceeds 95%. This reality includes interactive images and videos.
  • By 2022, just over 60% of global entrepreneurs see email personalization as a key to business survival for any business this decade.


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