Email marketing for restaurants: Build customer loyalty with the best tips

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Email marketing for restaurants in South Africa. If you own a restaurant, you must have a very clear objective: to stand out from the competition. How to do it? Today, digital marketing is the key to making our business valuable, and it gives us a tool that we cannot miss out on. We refer to email marketing, a strategy that has the power to attract new customers and much more.


Email marketing lets you please your loyal customers and keep them returning to your restaurant. But now, you must be wondering how to include this tool in your marketing campaign. In this post, we will explain how to use an email to publicize your restaurant and obtain good results.


How to choose the best marketing strategy for restaurants?


BluCactus - Email marketing for restaurants - MessageYour restaurant is a company, and as a company, it must be managed with clear objectives. This is the only way to enjoy all the benefits of email marketing for restaurants. Likewise, it is essential to clarify that email use may differ. Depending on the marketing strategy carried out and the sector in which it is dedicated. In the case of restaurants, this is how you should carry out an email marketing campaign:


  • Relationship Building, Email marketing for restaurants.


You can maintain a more loyal connection with your customers by sending a restaurant email campaign. In addition, you can take advantage of this medium to keep your customers updated. You can display your new menus. And to new customers, you can offer promotions or discounts to encourage them to visit your business for the first time.


However, a message of thanks cannot be missing either. Show your gratitude to customers who have visited your restaurant. And that way, you will notice how this action can add more value to your brand.


  • Create promotions.


BluCactus - Email marketing for restaurants - Work with a laptopA promotional newsletter for restaurants is a perfect option. Its operation is wide because you can share information about your company and great offers for your readers.


To make your newsletter exceptional, here are some ideas that can work for your newsletter:


  • Share tips for preparing quick meals.
  • Add exclusive recipes.
  • Send menu updates.
  • Show the chef’s specials.
  • Take advantage and tell the story of your restaurant.
  • Introduce team members.



  • Make events and invite your subscribers, Email marketing for restaurants.


In restaurants, it is customary to hold parties or events frequently. The restaurant anniversary or happy new year party can be some of these celebrations.


Ideally, your subscribers can find out about the events you hold at your restaurant so they can attend. Therefore, your event invitation newsletter will be a significant contributor to making that event that has taken you so long to organize a success. Email marketing will be a great tool because it will allow you to inform and sell your dates to customers.


What are restaurant email campaigns?


BluCactus - Email marketing for restaurants - Send a messageTo create an email campaign in your restaurant, you need to think about how to have a large and worthwhile list. Here are some ideas that can work for you to build an email list:


  • Create a contact form on your website, Email marketing for restaurants.


You may not see it that way yet, but your booking website is a great way to generate leads. So, if a person makes a table reservation, thank them online for that reservation.


Following that, you can invite them to subscribe to your email. Thus, they will be able to obtain news of their best offers or of the events that are to come.


  • Add eye-catching pop-ups.


BluCactus - Email marketing for restaurants - Typing an emailPop-ups are likely to be annoying, not knowing how to use them. However, they increase the conversion rate by giving them the proper use.


Indeed, many restaurant marketing experts say pop-ups can help you get more emails for your restaurant newsletter.


And this may be a suitable way to use them:


  • Enable the popup to be displayed after 5 seconds.
  • Set up exit popups.
  • Match your popup to your brand.
  • Activate popups so that they appear twice for each visitor.
  • Add a precise closure of the popup button.



  • Invite your customers to join your email list, Email marketing for restaurants.


BluCactus - Giving recommendations related to your dishes - MouseYour website link can be added to receipts or menus. This way, you can invite your customers to subscribe to the contact list.


Thus, your customers will be aware of the special offers and discounts that you make in your restaurant. You can get creative when creating forms with the submitter to click on the “forms” option.


You can also configure the content, style, and other elements. Setup takes no more than 10 minutes. This way, you can get a newsletter subscription. Also, you can add a QR code somewhere in the restaurant.


That can be scanned directly to access a destination page. This way, customers can sign up to win a special offer on the landing page.


Secrets for effective email marketing for restaurants


These are some aspects that cannot go unnoticed if you want to boost your email marketing campaign for a restaurant:


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  • Create an email marketing strategy related to your goals, Email marketing for restaurants.


Once you have your email list, it’s time to create your email marketing strategy. Now, if you want it to be efficient, combining two types of newsletters is a good idea. The first is the activated newsletter, which is a content used according to the user’s data. This way, you can give subscribers the feedback they need.


In second place, we have the business newsletters. It is content that maintains a necessary dialogue with its subscribers and can be sent on specific occasions. The goal is for the newsletter to have exciting content. You can add upcoming events to be held at your restaurant or tell about your traditions or food service. Also, you can announce when there are extra dishes or a special menu.



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  • Welcome your new subscribers.


This is not only a nice gesture; it is a way to be able to include a promotion that is difficult to refuse. In a welcome email, you can add the benefits of being part of your contact list. Once you set up these types of emails, your subscribers will understand that your business doesn’t just want to sell but also appreciates having new and loyal customers.


  • Reward Actions, Email marketing for restaurants.


If you use email, the idea is that they will be helpful. You can ask your email readers to share information about themselves and the things they like the most. Of course, you must consider that many people do not want to share their interests or personal data. Consequently, you can offer a special promotion to get some data. Thus, your email marketing campaigns will be personalized.


  • Celebrate Together.


BluCactus - Giving recommendations related to your dishes - Man working with a tabletA celebration does not only happen at Christmas. It would help if you thought your subscribers may have special moments throughout the year.


Including birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.


As a tip, you can send an automated congratulations email. If it’s a birthday, the message can say “Happy Birthday.” This action strengthens your relationship with them. You can also let your customers know that they have accumulated points for a special meal.


The truth is that you can automate all the special dates, and the benefits will be satisfactory for your restaurant.



  • Offer special dishes, Email marketing for restaurants.


Some foods become a true delicacy in special seasons. You can use this opportunity to meet the needs of your customers. Offer those special, limited offers via an eye-catching email.


  • Provide recommendations.


Customers generally know the menu they will order in a restaurant. So it can be understood that they do not need advice, although a recommendation will not hurt. Start by giving recommendations related to your dishes. For example, suppose we are in season for a certain vegetable. You can educate your customers about the importance of eating vegetables.


Now, you can also list your dishes with special names to make them more eye-catching.


  • Share news related to restaurants, Email marketing for restaurants.


Your customers need to know if you’ve recently opened a restaurant chain or have a new member join your team. Therefore, this information may be shared in your newsletter. Take advantage of every update of your restaurant or the news related to this sector to share.


Do you want an email marketing campaign for your restaurant?


BluCactus - Linn Larsson BluCactus - Ken SchrenkYour restaurant can stand out from the competition through an email marketing campaign. Likewise, those customers who have given their authorization to receive emails must be added to your contact list.


As for the content, do not forget that it must be relevant to your subscribers. That is why a welcome message, with updates on your restaurant or special promotions and discounts, will make it reach your potential customers.


At BluCactus, we have a team of professionals, and we can take care of creating the email marketing campaign for restaurants that you need. Investing in a campaign like this brings many benefits to your business, and here we are to prove it. You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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