Learn about Christmas Marketing to increase sales

Learn about Christmas Marketing to increase sales. The year is coming to an end, but at the same time, the Christmas season begins. In South Africa, as it is in many other parts of the world, purchases increase in all directions and items. Since the demand for food and drinks increases, and also, this is the time of the year par excellence to gift and purchase other types of things, such as clothing and footwear, among others.


Faced with this growing commercial demand, companies are preparing to stock up on merchandise and thus satisfy customers’ needs. However, apart from this, they focus their attention on Christmas messages. Still, there is a particular topic to which each brand and company must pay special attention: marketing strategies to achieve those desired sales during these months of the year.


For this reason, during this time, we focus on activating that part of the marketing oriented towards the current festivities, and we refer to Christmas marketing. And if you have never heard of it, you are in the ideal place and time. Because today we will talk about it and how you can get the most out of it. And thus achieve an increase in sales for your company, as well as get your customers to be happy this Christmas.


What is Christmas Marketing?


BluCactus - Learn about Christmas Marketing to increase sales - HolidaysChristmas marketing is a campaign made up of various strategies. Such as attracting those who are not customers and those who have bought at some point. All to convince them to purchase seasonal products or use them on these December dates.


In these last months of the year, company employees usually receive a bonus for their hard work during the year. So, it is common to reserve a percentage of that money for the gifts´ budget, personal items, self-gifts, and even home improvements, including Christmas decorations.


It must also be taken into account that during this time, the number of get-togethers with both friends and family increases. This also implies an increase in the consumption of drinks and food. As well as the search for ingredients and unique and typical dishes of the date.


Therefore, given this need, brands, businesses, and companies can engage people with seasonal products, discounts, special editions, promotions, and contests, among others, that are attractive to the customer.


Christmas Marketing Goals


BluCactus - Learn about Christmas Marketing to increase sales - HolidaysChristmas marketing has the main objective of increasing the income of a brand or company through sales at this time of year. Thanks to their hook with people for, that emotional connection was established based on Christmas traditions, customs, and festive atmosphere.


As well as the affections themselves and the implicit religious aspect of this date. This will all help boost purchases by the people who receive the advertising messages created to connect.


These messages must be very well elaborated to reach the hearts and minds of consumers. And, of course, encourage them to acquire what they want so much for themselves and their loved ones with the conviction that, by making certain purchases, they will contribute to spending a happier festivity.



How to do Christmas marketing


BluCactus - Learn about Christmas Marketing to increase sales - HolidaysThe key here is anticipation. Christmas campaigns are starting much earlier than usual in other years. We can even see that at the end of summer, many brands begin to launch messages alluding to the arrival of this season while announcing special offers and products.


This is done with the intention of beginning to sow in the mind of the client or user the idea of ​​the proximity of this time. And that the more anticipation you have regarding the gift list, the better it will be for you and your pocket.


And as part of the strategies, Christmas decoration plays an important role. Since when entering a store or premises and finding the same one dressed in scenes, lights, garlands, and Christmas carols, it will immediately connect the person with Christmas. Making them feel like it has already arrived and encouraging them to make purchases, even if they are small, so as not to feel that everything was left to the last minute.


Christmas marketing strategies to increase sales


BluCactus - Learn about Christmas Marketing to increase sales - Holidays

  • Update your online catalog in advance


One of the objectives of Christmas marketing is that the person wants to anticipate the purchases and make them with time.


So, it is common for them to start looking for item options months before and thus establish a budget.


Because of this, counting with an updated catalog is of great help to your customers.


This way, they can start their purchasing processes much earlier with calm and serenity.


  • Appeal to emotions


As we mentioned, these dates are connected with emotions. It is a religious celebration linked to family values, kindness, and the ability to share. This allows brands to create campaigns where awakening these emotions are the premise. So that in addition to creating a motivating message, you can induce purchases.


BluCactus - Learn about Christmas Marketing to increase sales - Holidays

  • Establish Alliances


In the same order as the above, it is ideal that you establish alliances, perhaps with an NGO, charity, or institution that helps people with low resources. Where a percentage of the sales of a particular product or during the dates is destined to support these. And this boosts customers’ purchase intention based on the sense of charity typical of those dates.


  • Promotions and discounts


This is a bit of an obvious strategy. However, it is always good to put it in the spotlight since some brands need to consider that it is time to lower prices. If not, on the contrary, take advantage of all possible sales.


So, you can take advantage of days like Black Friday or weeks before Christmas. And thus, create that urgency to buy in advance and even have the opportunity to save by taking advantage of the offers of the moment.


BluCactus - Learn about Christmas Marketing to increase sales - Holidays

  • Social Media


Social media has reached a significant boom in terms of sales. They are currently the new online stores, being a reference when looking for an item or service.


So, it is vital to pay special attention to the platform where your brand mingles and that the content is oriented to the time of year (texts, images, videos, designs, etc.).


This way, you can better connect with your followers.




BluCactus - Learn about Christmas Marketing to increase sales - Holidays

  • Include a bot in your profiles


The chatbot is an automatic response option that you can include in the profiles or platforms where you work with your brand or business.


This is a way to respond immediately to those interested in your products or services.


Maybe they contact you after hours, or you are busy with other matters, and it is difficult for you to respond now, then this is your solution. Therefore, you improve the shopping experience of your customers concerning your brand.


  • Take advantage of video content


A format that caught the attention of users on social media was video. It is still on the rise today, being one of the most consumed by Internet users. So, its use in these festivities is highly recommended, especially for connecting with emotions. Do not hesitate to transmit information, Christmas messages, or communicate offers, and promotions, among others, through this modality.


BluCactus - Learn about Christmas Marketing to increase sales - Holidays

  • Optimize the SEO of your existing content


If your site has a blog page, you know that this is one of the most significant digital assets with which you can engage and connect with people and customers.


So doing an SEO update will help you amplify the visits to your website and achieve better positioning in search engines.


Since organic traffic can generate a high percentage of sales, it is important to optimize all relevant content for this time and prepare new ones during the weeks before the holidays.



BluCactus - Give your brand economic benefit - Holidays

  • Use Ads Campaigns


Including paid advertising from Google or better known as Google Ads, is one of the best options today to reach that audience you have not captured and that may be interested in your brand and what you sell. It offers you the advantage of managing it yourself and setting the budget that best suits your income. And it quickly helps you reach different audiences or more people within your target audience.


  • Launch Christmas Promotions


We have already commented on this strategy, and between the Black Friday weekend and the beginning of December, these are propitious weeks to launch discounts, promotions, special offers, and other types of activities or opportunities to save money for the customer, such as:


    • Contests.
    • Draws in the physical store.
    • Dynamics in social media.
    • Discount coupons.
    • Free samples.
    • Trial periods.
    • Guarantee.
    • Discounts on selected products.


BluCactus - Give your brand economic benefit - Holidays

  • Strengthen your email marketing


We must have email marketing activities throughout the year. Still, this time becomes especially useful.


So, it is time to prepare valuable content to send to your contact list to publicize your products of the time, offers, or special deals you have for Christmas.


And demonstrate that you can satisfy their needs, thus encouraging them to buy.




  • Includes gifts with any purchase, Christmas Marketing.


No one resists receiving a gift, and these days much more so, so you can establish an alliance with another brand that wants to publicize a product. With each purchase of your product, another from the associated brand is given as a gift. You can also check your stock of past merchandise, and if you find that you have a lot left of a product, take it out this Christmas and give it to your customers with each transaction, who will appreciate and will not forget this gesture.


  • Create seasonal merchandise, Christmas Marketing.


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkIf it is in your possibilities, you can launch a Christmas line with designs, colors, and flavors of the season, which can also have a second use or be stored until next year. Some examples of this can be cups, glasses, ecological bags for the market, and scented candles, among others. Things that capture the customer’s attention and focus them immediately on Christmas magic.


Applying successful Christmas marketing strategies will lead your company to generate great profits. So, aiming at the Christmas spirit to market products, services, and offers will give your brand economic benefit and growth in terms of visibility and identity.


At BluCactus, we are experts in marketing strategies. And we know the best ways to boost your brand and increase your sales at Christmas and throughout the whole year.


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